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Your computer/phone is all that you need. The lessons are tailored to track your progress and help you work on your weak points. You can test your knowledge through our quizzes and see how much you’ve advanced.


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No matter which language you choose, all the lessons are fun and visually oriented. This way you will be able to remember the phrases easier. Equal attention was given both to grammar exercises and vocabulary expansion.

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Did you know that knowing two or more languages makes you highly attractive to employers? Imagine communicating with locals on their mother tongue when traveling abroad. Any new language you learn represents a new door opening for you.

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Braiden Benjamin

Due to my work schedule, I don’t have the time to attend traditional language courses, so online classes work best for me. I wanted to improve my Spanish, and thanks to you, I am making noticeable progress.

Tessa Key

I love Russia, and it’s culture, so I wanted to learn the language. The lessons are awesome, and I spend hours learning on your platform without even noticing.

Kelis Delaney

I have some family in Norway, and I always wanted to learn to speak with them on Norwegian. I had some basic knowledge, but the lessons I take here are helping me a lot. I think I will be confident enough to speak Norwegian with my cousins on my next trip to Oslo.